Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blood Donation Slogans

  • Blood - a gift for life. Thank you
  • Do something amazing today. Save a life. Give blood! 
  • Give the gift that costs nothing to give. 
  • We need each other. Please give blood. 
  • Every drop counts. Give blood today! 
  • It’s in your blood to help save a life. 
  • Blood donors are special people. 
  • From me to you _ a gift of life. 
  • Donate blood, start young 
  • Life is precious. Be a life-saver. Give blood! 
  • Blood. It's in you to give. 
  • Share life. Donate blood. 
  • Give blood — stay healthy. 
  • I don't know your name, but thank you for your gift of life. 
  • Was it you who saved my life? Help save another, give blood. 
  • Accidents and medical emergencies don't take holidays - we need blood every minute, every day of the year. 
  • Blood costs nothing to give, yet is more valuable than any other resource on earth. Don’t let the Blood Bank run dry! 
  • The blood you donate gives someone another chance at life. 
  • One day that someone may be a close relative, a personal friend, a loved one - or even you. 
  • Do you feel you don’t have much to offer? You have the most precious resource of all: the ability to save a life! Help share this invaluable gift with someone in need. 
  • Rich or poor, you have what we need, the most precious natural resource of all. 
  • Feel like you’re low on supplies? But you’re rich in the most precious resource of all: blood and the gift of life. 
  • If you are a blood donor, you are a hero to someone, somewhere, who received your gracious gift of life. 
  • Good blood helps sick people get better. 
  • Strong communities are built on safe blood. We need what you’ve got! When you give blood, you’ll be doing one of the most amazing things anybody could dream of – saving a life. 
  • Join the “vein-to-vein” chain that helps save lives. 
  • Give blood today. It may be a member of your family or a friend who needs this precious resource next. 
  • To give blood is an honour for youth . . . become a regular voluntary blood donor. Donate your precious blood, the almighty supporter of lives. 
  • I am proud as a voluntary blood donor, What about you? 
  • Are you thinking of what service to render to humanity? Give blood.

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  1. on 22nd of july the blood bank camp will be held on malad east near station opposite janta hotel we need more help of u for saving some lifes of kids nd elders nd people
    for the celebrating birthday of shri AJIT PAWAR
    DEPUTY C.M kindly please come for our help tomorrow ....
    thanking u ur faithfully
    TALUKA ADHYAKSH kandivali east.